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 App: Da_Engineer

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PostSubject: App: Da_Engineer   Tue 10 Apr - 8:26:57

What is your experience in Total War: Arena?
When did you start playing Arena? How many battles have you fought? What units and commanders have you been playing? How much have you played in parties and how much solo?

-I started playing after closed beta testing, about 900 battles. I started with Cynane archers, but havent played with archers/slingers much since i started using javs, falxes, and miltiades hops (as well as some cav, but i'm not a big fan). I've played in mostly parties with friends, but solo when they arnt on (using the term solo loosly as its still a team effort).

Have you been in a clan before?
It can be any form of organized play. Ranging from Literature Clubs to esports organisations. If you were in any, please specify.

-I have played Eve Online for for a few years and was in a wormhole corp for most of that time. I still enjoy eve, but don't play much any more though, and would not be against going on a roam or something if anybody else plays.

Are you a member of any clan at the moment?

Sometimes poetry reading evenings conflict with our training schedule. This is not a huge problem but we want to know about this upfront.

-Underwater basket weaving club meets 12 times a week... Not realy, no.

What tiers are you playing at the moment?
What tiers are you playing the most and what tiers do you do only dailies on?

-Miltiades mostly, T7, esp if i have a jav buddy to delete inf units. I would like to use falxes more, but i usualy use those for solo, T6 almost T7 (with a T7 arminius). I'm not too concerned with dailies, I can forgo the bonus and play one or two extra games with a unit i enjoy using more. Mostly using spears as it seams to be the most useful for parties with some friends.

What are your main commanders and unit types?
What do you feel most comfortable and confident playing on?

-Again, i have been loving spears lately. So I would say i default to using miltiades spears. As well as falxes.

What is your playstyle?
Describe yourself as a player. Is your playstyle aggressive or defensive? Proactive or reactive?

-I would say my playstyle is mostly dictated by the situation at hand and the team comp. So, it changes within a match as time goes on and certain units are eliminated. The micro can be a bit chaotic at times, so i find being proactive to be more effective for myself, although i am trying to improve my reactions.

What do you expect from SUNTZU?
What goals do you want to reach by joining SUNTZU? What do you think your time in SUNTZU will look like? Do you want to participate in tournaments or just play parties with other good players?

-I think, as with most people, i am always looking to improve and be a better player. I look forward to more team play with coordination and communication. Tournaments would be cool. The idea of 10 people coordinating sounds awesome, however, i would like to get alot more experience before i get involved in those.

How did you find out about SUNTZU and why did you decide to join us?
We are just curious Smile

-I don't remember where/how i first heard of SUNTZU, but i stumbled upon the post that lead me to the twitch group thing.

What is your availability for playing?
Tell us what your schedule looks like so that we know what to expect. If it’s irregular, tell us the conditions dictating its irregularity.

-Availability can be pretty random, sometimes mid day sometimes late at night (US east coast TZ) GMT-5. It realy depends on work/school and family things, which seem to be pretty random at times.

If you want, tell us something about yourself.
Where are you from? How old are you? What are your hobbies and talents? How did your adventure with gaming start?

I like long walks on the beach at sunset...


-On a more serious note, i'm from New York, i have random hobbeis and intrests, and i first got into games when my brother and i dug out an atari from a box in the atic.

I look forward to hearing back,
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PostSubject: Re: App: Da_Engineer   Fri 13 Apr - 9:26:02

We don't know enough about you, therefore would like to play few battles with you before we decide whether to accept your application or not.
Please go to our Discord server and get in touch with our recruiters on #recruitment_info channel.
Good luck!

Please not that we are an EU based clan at the moment and to play with us you need an EU account. If you only have an NA account then you will have to wait for server merge that has already been confirmed by developers.
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App: Da_Engineer
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