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 Cowlevel application

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PostSubject: Cowlevel application   Wed 18 Apr - 16:02:03

What is your experience in Total War: Arena?
*I'm not sure how to answer that. My exsperience is my amount of games? The people I've played with, the level of my competitiveness etc. I play very often in groups, teamwork and communication are very important things to me, I have about 750 matches (not including the couple hundreds from alpha etc) I've played with people better than me and worse than me, attmepting to both learn and teach. I've also played a lot with members of your clan.

When did you start playing Arena?
Back in the Steam alpha but I had issues with my PC then so I ended up not getting much playing done. I've played TW since the first Shogun though.

How many battles have you fought?
About 750, not including alpha/closed betas
What units and commanders have you been playing?
My main is probably Germanicus but I'm starting to learn towards Scipio because I enjoy Roman Cavalry a lot despite their faults. I like to be very "flex" (habit of my role in playing Mobas competitively) so I'd say I play a lot of commanders on a competitive level I think. Such as Leonidas, Boudica/Cynane, Sulla, Hannibal etc.

How much have you played in parties and how much solo?
I try to play in parties most of the time. I find the game MUCH more enjoyable in parties as I think communication and teamwork wins games. I'd say 60% of my TW:A is grouped Usually either with just a friend or in a full 4 man.

Have you been in a clan before?
In TW:A? No. In other games? Yes. Several different kinds. Highly competitive and organised with different units etc. as well as guilds in WoW and competitive/amateur-pro teams in Mobas. In real life I am a Medieval reenactor meaning meaning i fight in full plate armour regularly, and talk to people about history as well as travel to medieval festivals. It's a lot of fun.*
Are you a member of any clan at the moment?
Yes, the medieval reenactment. It's usually once a week but right now the training is on a pause due to what I'll just call 'internal issues'

What tiers are you playing at the moment?
Anything from IV to VIII. 8 is my highest, as mentioned before I like to flex so my grinding is spread out.

What tiers are you playing the most and what tiers do you do only dailies on?
I probably play mostly on VII and VIII right now. Meaning the rest is "dailies only" but it depends on my mood. Some days I jsut feel like spamming Sulla Scorpions.

What are your main commanders and unit types?
I think I already kind of answered this previously in "What units and commanders have you been playing?"

What do you feel most comfortable and confident playing on?
Probably Germanicus, Boudica/Cynane, Leonidas and Scipio/Arminius.
What is your playstyle?
I think Aggressive is probably the best way to describe it.

Describe yourself as a player. Is your playstyle aggressive or defensive? Proactive or reactive?
I think it all depends on what is going on. I see myself as very adaptable and I listen to commands perfectly well but on my own, if I had to use these 4 words. It's probablly "reactively aggressive"

What do you expect from SUNTZU?
Teamwork, communication competitiveness. As well as becoming a better play through teaching and learning (from) others.

What goals do you want to reach by joining SUNTZU?
Teamwork, communication competitiveness. As well as becoming a better play through teaching and learning (from) others.

What do you think your time in SUNTZU will look like?
I kind of want to copy/paste the same 3 words because this is what I hope my time in SUNTZU will give me. Teamwork, communication competitiveness.
Do you want to participate in tournaments or just play parties with other good players?

How did you find out about SUNTZU and why did you decide to join us?
Saw your name. Played with several of your members/honoraries (drscot, kingnikolaj, ttm_Pwn3d)

What is your availability for playing/Schedule?
I work 2 times a week for full day/night shifts. Every single Monday from 1600 to Tuesday 0900 and then the other shift is 1 week, Thursday to Friday (same hours) then next week it's Friday to Saturday (same hours) and then next week Saturday to Sunday (same hours)
Where are you from?
I'm from Denmark.

How old are you?

What are your hobbies and talents?
Gaming (obviously), Photography, both digital and film, history/reenactment, I dabble in etchings. I used to collect/paint/play Warhammer but I kind of stopped but refuse to sell it.
I guess a talent of mine is that I'm a very logical person and in terms of gaming competitively I'm pretty open to criticism as long as it's grounded in proof/sound arguments? I will always question things if I think the reasoning is sketchy/weak. Which, to be honest, can kind of annoy people sometimes, but I think I'm fair in my reaction.

How did your adventure with gaming start?
I think when I got my the first Gameboy back in the 90s.
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Cowlevel application
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