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 lightsol - application

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PostSubject: lightsol - application   Thu 5 Apr - 17:33:49

What is your experience in Total War: Arena?
When did you start playing Arena? Messed around since closed alpha on steam, but really started properly playing only since the closed beta
How many battles have you fought? ~2k
What units and commanders have you been playing? Easier to say what i haven't played - Hannibal/Alexander/Scipio/Sulla/Boudica
How much have you played in parties and how much solo? 80-90% parties/10-20% solo

Have you been in a clan before?
It can be any form of organised play. Ranging from Literature Clubs to esports organisations. If you were in any, please specify.
Main gaming related clans have been in Eve online/WoW/Planetside, and a bunch over the years for game specific things. In RL - mainly local freemason lodge for a while, but dropped off from that.
Are you a member of any clan at the moment?
Theoretically in Outcasters, but i don't really play planetside anymore.

Sometimes poetry reading evenings conflict with our training schedule. This is not a huge problem but we want to know about this upfront.
If trainings are announced more than a few hours beforehand - then that shouldn't be an issue.

What tiers are you playing at the moment?
What tiers are you playing the most and what tiers do you do only dailies on?
Whatever others are playing, but generally trying to do most dailies - so 4-6

What are your main commanders and unit types?
Julius Ceasar with Javs

What do you feel most comfortable and confident playing on?
Javs/Spears/Arty/Cav/Lower tier archers

What is your playstyle?
Describe yourself as a player. Is your playstyle aggressive or defensive? Proactive or reactive?
I generally play with ranged units or supportive melee units - so mostly sticking with the team

What do you expect from SUNTZU?
What goals do you want to reach by joining SUNTZU? What do you think your time in SUNTZU will look like? Do you want to participate in tournaments or just play parties with other good players?
Primarily playing with good people, but if at some point it seems like i get good enough to actually participate - i would not mind playing competitive either.

How did you find out about SUNTZU and why did you decide to join us?
By playing with Weskerrr which generally lead to playing with SUNTZU 95% of the time anyways.

What is your availability for playing?
Generally work monday-friday 10-17/18 depending on my mood (GMT+2). If i get off my ass ill have some krav maga stuff on Mon/Wes, but otherwise - i am a tech nerd through and through so game a fair bit.

If you want, tell us something about yourself.
I am from Latvia, but have traveled a fair bit across the world. I am 25 and work as a SRE at a fintech company. Started gaming when i was ~6 when we got an MS/DOS pc. Enjoy everything apart from modern JRPG's (don't have a hard on for kids).
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PostSubject: Re: lightsol - application   Mon 9 Apr - 12:27:04

We have played with you already and our initial impression was positive enough to take you in as a recruit.
Starting today, your recruitment period will last approximately a month. It can be shorter or much longer, depending on your activity, progress and other factors. We will contact you once we deem you worthy of becoming a SUNTZU Member.
Good luck!
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lightsol - application
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