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 Application: Shpntz

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PostSubject: Application: Shpntz   Thu 5 Apr - 17:44:16

What is your experience in Total War: Arena?
I have started playing TWA in early March! I had previous expirience in TW games reaching back to RTW release, when i rollbacked to playing Medieval as well, to try it out. Since then, thousands of hours in those games, with majority of time spent inside Europa Barbarorum mode.
I have 1200 battles now, and 90% or more of those were solo battles. Majority of my games is on cavalry.

Have you been in a clan before?
Played basketball for 9 years, was player in 4 Serbian DotA teams, captaining one of them for almost two and a half years. One of my job descriptions included managing esports team and training them on psychological level. I also raided and pvped in WoW guild's for years.

Are you a member of any clan at the moment?
No, since i started playing TWA, i only trained with SUNTZU and played sometimes with one other group that had mixed members and couldn't be classified as a clan.

What tiers are you playing at the moment?
T4-T8, and soon all of my commanders will be T5+.

What are your main commanders and unit types?
My "main" is Arminius, as in "it's the highest tier i got" but i play all of them. I am not comfortable on Leonidas as commander, or with pikes as a unit. Everything else i can play with more or less success. I prefer cavalry roles, and support/scout/flanker roles on other units.

This is how i roll most of the time, tho i can rotate units/commanders:

T9 Arminius (T8 horses)
T6 Vercingetorix (T6 infantry)
T5 Boudicca (T5 dogs)
T6 Alexander (T6 horses)
T5 Cynane (T5 archers)
T5 Miltiades (T5 spears)
T4 Leonidas (T4 pikes) (playing this hurts me deeply inside)
T5 Sciipio (T5 cavalry) (both T6 very soon)
T6 Germanicus (T6 infantry)
T5 Sulla (T5 javelins)
T5 Caesar (T4 heavy artillery)
T6 Hasdrubal (T6 cavalry)
T4 Hannibal (T4 infantry)

What is your playstyle?
It depends on my mood and information i have. I would say it is overall reactive, except when scouting for team aggressively. Additional data then dictates my further decisions.

What do you expect from SUNTZU?
Teammates that are casual during grinds and regular parties, yet still perform well while being relaxed, and eventually in the future, a good and competitive teammates for tourneys.

How did you find out about SUNTZU and why did you decide to join us?
Just by seing couple of players performing well in public games and clan having overall positive reputation!

What is your availability for playing?
20-24h almost every day, other terms are situational.

If you want, tell us something about yourself.
Just a gamer dude from Serbia, hit me up ingame about anything Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Shpntz   Mon 9 Apr - 12:27:25

We have played with you already and our initial impression was positive enough to take you in as a recruit.
Starting today, your recruitment period will last approximately a month. It can be shorter or much longer, depending on your activity, progress and other factors. We will contact you once we deem you worthy of becoming a SUNTZU Member.
Good luck!
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Application: Shpntz
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