Competitive Total War: Arena Clan
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PostSubject: CzarlesBronson   Mon 9 Apr - 9:31:48

What is your experience in Total War: Arena?
Im playing TW: Arena for 2 days. Im playing mostly by barbarians. Dont have any more experience, but I like pvp. As for now I played only solo.

Have you been in a clan before?
I have been in few clans before, mostly MMORPG, like L2, Tera, SW. Also MovieBattles 2. I dont remember most of the clan names.

Are you a member of any clan at the moment?
Only playing with my friends sometimes PUBG or HOTA (mod for Heroes of might and magic 3)

What tiers are you playing at the moment?
Got 1 and 2.

What are your main commanders and unit types?
As for now its hard for me to say. I got lots of points on archers, but trying to play cavalry as much as I can.

What is your playstyle?
Supportive person, but like also to have satisfaction from play.

What do you expect from SUNTZU?
I like challenges so I like also tournaments. What do I expect? Want to have fun and learn about the game.

How did you find out about SUNTZU and why did you decide to join us?
Poped out as a first one and you seem to have experience and are organized.

What is your availability for playing?
My availability maybe a bit weird, because I live in china and I have 6 hrs of time difference. But if there will be a tournament I will be there.

If you want, tell us something about yourself.
31. love to laugh and have good fun.
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PostSubject: Re: CzarlesBronson   Mon 9 Apr - 12:32:13

I'm sorry but we are looking for more experienced players. You can try again later, once you gain more experience.
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