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 Dexteroos :Application

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PostSubject: Dexteroos :Application   Tue 10 Apr - 5:40:46


My name is Damir(in game Dexteroos),and I come from Bosnia.I am 34 years old gamer.I have been playing games back from ancient commodore 64.

I have started to play TWA since CB,and I have about 5k games along CB games.I have been playing all commanders and all unit types.(T10:spears,pikes,Greek cavalry and all other units were mostly T7 and T8 as commanders).Most of my games I played solo,but I would like to change it and play as team at competitive level!

At the moment I have:
T9:Greek pikes and spears
T7:Greek cavalry and Roman light arty
T6:Roman (heavy infantry,cavalry,javelins) and Carthage spears.
All other units are at T5 currently,except heavy arty and Barbarian archers.

As my main commanders I am using Miltiades at spears,Leonidas at pikes and spears,and I feel most comfortable and confident playing on them!
I like aggressive play style,but depends of unit type and situation on the field I am trying to fill my role.
I am regular player,and I am playing almost every day.I dont have certain schedule,but I could arrange my plying time with other clan mates.

Since I have seen your clan tag on CB and playing games with your clan members in the teams,that was my step forward in good experience on TWA.Those games were on the way higher level then regular random games.From then I have a wish to join your ranks.Then I saw on the forum that you are recruiting new members so here is my application.

I am familiar with clan organization.I was playing WOT as a clan member for last 5 years.Few years I was commander of one.At the moment I am still member of _RGT_ as reservist,but I am not active since august 2017.

If I join SUNTZU,I am willing to participate of any kind of clan activities!
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PostSubject: Re: Dexteroos :Application   Fri 13 Apr - 9:23:03

We've played with you enough already to confirm that you have all the necessary experience to become our recruit!
Remember that recruitment period lasts approximately a month and can be shorter or longer depending on your progression, integration and other factors.
Good luck!
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Dexteroos :Application
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