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 Application: unrealz

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PostSubject: Application: unrealz   Sun 13 May - 21:36:25

What is your experience in Total War: Arena?
A hundred matches.

Have you been in a clan before?
Been inside a clan for Savage: Battle of Newerth,

Are you a member of any clan at the moment?
No, i was in a clan a long time ago

What tiers are you playing at the moment?

What are your main commanders and unit types?
My "main" is Germanicus Infantry for his flexibility and Caesar Jalivin for shock value.,

This is how i roll most of the time, tho i can rotate units/commanders:
Arminius (T5 horses)
Boudicca (T5 dogs)
Alexander (T6 horses)
Cynane (T5 archers)
Leonidas (T5 pikes)
Germanicus (T7 infantry)
Caesar (T6 javalin)
Hannibal (T6 elephant)

What is your playstyle?
My play style is situational, i used to lead 10-20 players (powerhouse team) as a commander, devise battleplan, defeat enemy by strength and outmaneuver enemy commander

What do you expect from SUNTZU?
For a clan, i always expect it value friendship as 1st priority, then transparency between members.

How did you find out about SUNTZU and why did you decide to join us?
The name SUNTZU.

What is your availability for playing?
Mon-Fri evening depending on availibility , Saturday and Sunday.

If you want, tell us something about yourself.
i was born in hong kong, lived UK most of my life.
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Application: unrealz
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